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Twitter begins paying $5 to users who unfollow ISIS

If you follow ISIS on Twitter, making five bucks could be as easy as clicking “Unfollow.” CEO Jack Dorsey announced at an event this past week that users will now be given $5 in cash if they stop following the official Islamic State Twitter account.

Since 2015, Twitter has suspended a total of 360,000 accounts associated with terrorism. However, this hasn’t prevented everyone from working class Americans to celebrities like Kylie Jenner from retweeting fatwas, sharing coupons for bulk fertilizer, and getting blueprints of the Golden Gate Bridge to the top of the “Trending” page.

“For the love of God, just unfollow ISIS,” said Dorsey as he elaborated on Twitter’s new initiative. “We’ll give you five free dollars. If you’re Canadian, we’ll give you five Canadian dollars. Just unfollow them, it’s that simple. You don’t even need to pay taxes on this. We’re talking straight-up cash. We’ll slide you a whole hot Lincoln with no questions asked.”

As Dorsey left the stage, he turned to the audience and pleaded, “Please unfollow the Islamic State. Please.”

Twitter has followed in the footsteps of Facebook, which recently stopped reminding users to wish Muammar Gaddafi a happy birthday.