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How to 10X Carefrontation

By Andy Andrews, CEO

Confrontation can be, well, difficult.  If it were so easy, we would do it more. If it were medium, like a medium hamburger, you could put cheese on it and have yourself a nice dinner. But confrontation is a thing of the past and today we have to talk about carefrontation. On that note, let’s discuss your upcoming career transition.

The key to success as a manager is the willingness to embrace carefrontation. That means to confront with care.  To deliver compassionate, constructive feedback no matter what. In all areas of our life – personal and professional – it can be a constant struggle – a conuggle – because despite our good intentions we are afraid that telling the truth will hurt too much. You have exemplified great leadership in your six weeks here and now it is time for you to leave.

To illustrate, not that long ago someone told me that the type of feedback we provide in our quarterly performance planning and development discussions was mean. What is “mean”? Is it some kind of meat without the “t” and an “n” instead? Does it rhyme with “bean”?  That really gets to the core of where we need to rethink our perspective which is why, as of today, I am happy to announce that we, as a community, of people, have officially 10X’d carefrontation! Also, you need to remove your brewery bumper stickers from the company-issued laptop before you turn it in.

Picture this: a huge metal flywheel that weighs thousands, no, millions of pounds.  It’s not so easy to push, now it is pal? Haha. In fact, at first it seems downright impossible to move. “Go flywheel, go!” you may shout, but it won’t budge. However, with consistent effort and persistence, inch by inch you’re able to get the wheel to turn once, very slowly.  Then again, a little faster. Easy, girl, easy now! Haha again. After several revolutions, the momentum builds and you get to breakthrough.  Now, once the wheel starts spinning on its own it seems almost impossible for anything to stop it. And that’s how great companies are able to achieve 10X exponential growth, like the 10X exponential growth in carefrontation we have seen here today. Your health insurance coverage will stay active until the end of the month.

To be a 10X growth company, I have suggested it’s very important to think exponentially.  We want to have a big and bold vision, not an incremental one. Yet, at the same time there’s an important paradox that we need to keep top of mind to actually get to breakthrough:

We also need to think small.

I believe our good friend JK Rowling said it best:

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

Now get the hell out.