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Instagram doubles down on ‘Time Well Spent’ feature by encouraging users to post and watch hour-long videos

Not ten days after Instagram debuted its new “Time Well Spent” feature to help users manage the amount of time they spend on the app, Instagram announced IGTV, which will allow users to upload and view hour-long videos of grandpas sliding belly first down Slip ‘N Slides, tan women with thin eyebrows gallivanting around pool bars, and poorly stitched compilations of 600 individual 6-second “comedy” videos.

“IGTV is aligned with our goal to help consumers and creators spend their time well,” said Instagram co-founder Mike Kreiger as he scrolled through an endless feed filled with 60 minute dubs of Neil Patrick Harris talking like Foghorn Leghorn, inspirational quotes next to clouds that become tornados because weather patterns can change drastically in an hour, and an art installation made of macaroni and cheese by Florida panhandle rapper Riff Raff.

As of Wednesday morning, 37 of the top 40 channels on IGTV were run by white supremacist groups and the service had already been used to fix two presidential elections in South America.