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5 Tips for Surviving NATO Airstrikes as a Digital Nomad

Thinking of trading the corner office for the corner bistro? How about giving up your marketing campaigns for some beachfront champagne? Keyboard dust for wanderlust? Your coworker Rhonda for Ecuadorian ayahuasca? Bad lumbar support for hopping port to port?

Overall, the digital nomad lifestyle can be very rewarding, as long as NATO is not hellbent upon smashing your remote workspace into smithereens.

Here are the TOP FIVE pro tips for handling the digital nomad lifestyle as thousands of tons of fiery steel rain down upon you.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones can be a real lifesaver. Most nomad newbies don’t realize how loud airstrikes can be. Just drop the money and buy noise-cancelling headphones already! Your eardrums will thank you when you’re the only person within a 50 mile radius able to hear the low, ominous hum of approaching counterinsurgent vehicles.
  2. Always carry a WiFi Hotspot. Assuming the cell towers have not been obliterated, a WiFi Hotspot will keep you connected and provide a useful bargaining chip as gangs of marauders decide whether or not to make a necklace out of your teeth.
  3. Only work on one task at a time. It can be easy to get distracted while your home away from home is reduced to a pile of smoking rubble and bone. You may even be forced to work in a crawl space. Remember: this is no excuse to get distracted. Keep no more than two tabs open at any time.
  4. Figure out your most productive time of the day. Studies show that most of us get the majority of our work done in a two hour window each day. If your “sweet spot” is the time of day when there are open military parades with mandatory worship of corrupt despots, just remember that soon there will be only quiet.
  5. Expect to work hard. Whether you’re working on an app in Azerbaijan or writing memos in Myanmar, remember that your clients won’t take “a multinational conglomerate of powerful Western states carried out a scorched-earth airstrike on my mobile workspace” as an excuse. Set deadlines as strict as the repressive regime getting toppled around you.