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You’ve heard of FAANG, but do you know these four lesser-known company acronyms?

Every tech investor worth their salt is familiar with the term “FAANG.” This popular acronym refers to the five largest, NASDAQ-listed technology companies that are spoken about together so often that it’s easier to just use a slang term and treat them as a single entity.

However, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google aren’t the only companies spoken about in the same breath. Here are four lesser-known company acronyms you should learn before your next leadership team retreat so that you can impress your colleagues and save face after passing out during the mandatory zipline exercise.

1. Companies that are trying to build out their presence in Asia, but, let’s be real, will continue to make all of their money in the U.S.

2. Private businesses and institutions that have had to forcibly remove Travis Kalanick after the following altercations:

  • Berating a waiter for not bringing out the Mötley Crüe Mozzarella Drum Sticks™ fast enough.
  • Wrestling with a busboy who refused to take an order for three Electric Sliders™ and informed Kalanick that this wasn’t a Hard Rock Cafe, it was 3 AM and the restaurant was closed, and that even if this was a Hard Rock Cafe and it were open you can’t order food from a busboy and would you please step away from my vehicle.
  • Punching straight through a vending machine in the lobby after his Chips Ahoy! got stuck in between the glass, crushing both the glass vending machine panel and, ironically, the very Chips Ahoy! he was attempting to retrieve.
  • Assaulting a waiter for telling him that not only was this not an all-you-can-eat Hard Rock Cafe, but that he was pretty sure that’s not even a thing at all and this is a Golden Corral.
  • Hurling a handful of AAA batteries through a plasma screen upon realizing the Ruby Tuesday’s next door was closed.
  • Attempting to choke out an endangered North American buffalo while staring directly into the eyes of a park ranger.

3. Companies that were once known for being leaders in their industry, but are now known for an alleged attempt to murder the competition in a jealous fury.

4. Companies that have had an ICO and later gone on to be thriving, successful ventures.