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Police shut down millennial house party after startup breaks out

San Francisco police broke up a Knob Hill house party Saturday after 23 computer science majors spontaneously created a hot new startup, causing unrest that could have disturbed neighbors and possibly disrupted the American economy.

“At first I figured my neighbors were just having a barbecue, bonging a few brewskis, maybe lighting off some Guatemalan fireworks,” recalled area resident Matt Breddle, who became concerned after noticing dozens of millennials wearing Warby Parker glasses filling the street. “When they whipped out the crates of cold brew and yerba mate, I knew I was dealing with a full-blown, future-VC-darling startup.”

Partygoer Emily Zhou recounted, “It all began when Greg mentioned how frustrating it is that grills don’t automatically tell you when your burger is perfectly cooked, despite the fact that the technology to do so exists today.”

That’s when things started to spiral out of control, according to Zhou. “I saw a guy bust out a Raspberry Pi, slap it on the grill, and scream, ‘let’s do this.’ I’m pretty sure the Raspberry Pi had melted by the time he started to write any code.”

“They completely took over my lawn and dubbed it Conference Room C,” said neighbor Desmond Howard. “I’m not sure I’ll be able to get the Expo marker off the side of my house.”

Other partygoers reportedly jumped in to help the newly-incubated company recruit a COO, CMO, and VP of Design. By the time the police arrived, “Grill.AI” t-shirts had been strewn about the neighborhood and the team had already placed massive billboards at SFO stating “Weber Is Toast: Meet Grill.AI.”

After posting bail this morning, the Grill.AI team was pleased to announce it had been acquired by another, hotter startup that had broken out at a Settlers of Catan meetup down the street.