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New Uber Rewards Plan just one more reason not to be bummed that you lost your driver’s license

Yesterday, Uber rolled out “Uber Rewards,” a brand-new loyalty program that will shower perks on its most loyal riders and make you forget about the fact that your driver’s license was permanently revoked by the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles after your attempted jump of the gap on a drawbridge over the St. Clair River.

Uber is swinging for the fences with their new Rewards program, offering incredible perks starting at the “Blue” level, where Rewards members will be guaranteed a steady supply of lightly-chewed Jolly Ranchers for all rides, all the way up to the “Diamond” level, where power users will be treated like the ride-sharing sultans they are.

So flush the keys to that Pontiac Firebird you stole from your cousin down a urinal and get ready for a perk shower. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll receive at each Uber Rewards tier:

Happy Riding!