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Facebook isn’t stealing my data, it’s paying me $20 for it, and that’s what I call good business

By Magdalena Hendrickson-Lopez
Teen Editor

The dictionary defines entrepreneurship as “the activity of organizing, managing, and assuming the risks of a business enterprise” but I define it as selling my data that I wasn’t going to use anyways. That’s right, I’m making cold, hard cash.

While lots of my peers and almost every adult I know are just giving away their data for free, I’ve made a deal with Facebook that’s putting real money in my pocket today. $20 dollars per month to be exact, which, if you crunch the numbers, is $240 per year to be even more exact.

Though I don’t leave for college for two years, I’m basically getting a degree in economics right now. There is supply – my entire browsing history as an underage, upper-middle class American female –  and demand from a big company that will use this data to be smarter than the competition.

My data is kind of like a cheat sheet, but for business. In business, this is called arbitrage. I arbitrarily use my phone all day, then Facebook watches it so that they can put all the companies that don’t pay me $20 a month out of business.

But remember: don’t be like Parker and get your phone taken away by your stepmom because you were Juuling in the art room with Bobby. Sucks she isn’t getting her $20!

Magdalena Hendrickson-Lopez is a TechLoaf contributing writer and a junior at Leonard P. Albertson Senior High School. She is very qualified to be Vice President of the FBLA even though Parker, who cheats off of her in Spanish class, thinks she isn’t.