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Happy Sourdough Day

A lot of you might be thinking, “Hm, a TechLoaf email on a Monday? April 1st, no less. These jesters must be baking up some sort of elaborate gaffe in honor of National Prankster Day.”

Quite the contrary. Today is the most important holiday they didn’t teach you about at school: National Sourdough Day.

In honor of this internationally-revered celebration of leavened yeast, I felt compelled to share a bit of TechLoaf history with you.

Many readers probably don’t know that TechLoaf was started on this very day 153 years ago.

My great grandfather Jebediah H. Cantana immigrated to this country with nothing but three pounds of hardtack, a pair of overalls, and $1.7 Million in inheritance.

He started a small publication, The Gizmo Grain, which covered all the cutting-edge innovations flooding the market at a time that scholars agree was the heyday of modern technology.

The Grain was also filled with grammatical errors and ads for medicinal cocaine, but those were different times.

So, in honor of TechLoaf’s heritage and this special holiday, I humbly present a real, unedited copy of The Gizmo Grain on this day in 1836.

May the dough flow,

Carl “Eli Wheat-ney” Cantana

Founder, CEO, SVP of Historical Archives