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Gmail turns 15 this week: let’s look back at some of its milestones now that it can legally get its learner’s permit

The world’s favorite email client, and the reason your boss, third-cousin, and exes can all still easily serve you legal documents, turned 15 this week. Now that Gmail is in full puberty, here are a few highlights from the long, storied childhood of Google’s famed email service:

April 2004 – An initiative known as “Project Caribou” is revealed to be Gmail and not, as early internet detectives believed, a comprehensive database detailing the current locations of all living American Elk. Also, turns out Elk and Caribou are not the same thing.

July 2007 – Gmail becomes globally available, plunging the general populous into chaos as society splits into warring factions over whether it is best to sign off an email with “Cheers” or literally anything else.

February 2009 – His once booming business in ruins, Cornelius J. Hotmail throws himself off the roof of the 2-story Hotmail Tower.

October 2011 – Failing Gmail social media site “Google Buzz” replaced with the far more successful social media behemoth that everyone on the planet still knows, loves, and uses daily, Google+.

August 2014 – Gmail finally gives users the option have passwords other than “password,” expanding their choices to include “123456” or “dont4get”.

September 2014 – Email notifying you that you got your dream job sent directly to Spam.

December 2016 – While her Gmail struggles to connect to the internet, Lenore Fitzpatrick sets the high score on T-Rex cactus jumping game. She remains unaware of her achievement to this day.

April 2019 – Society collectively wonders when AmazonMail will arrive to the masses and whether or not they can simply email the name of anything and have a death blimp-tethered drone drop it off within 4 hours.