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Investors over the moon for new pogo stick-sharing service Cangoroo

Bunny hop on out of here, Bird and pump the brakes, Lime, there’s a new way to bounce around town. Introducing Cangoroo, no not a ride-sharing app where you enclose yourself in the frontal pouch of a mother marsupial and let her carry you around town, but a pogo stick sharing app.

If you’ve been following the fast-changing transportation industry, it’s no surprise we’ve gotten here. Just look at the last funding round for RŌL – the roller-skate sharing service – which netted the company a cool $300 million.

What’s more, the company is already planning for rapid expansion, with CEO Adam Mikkelsen promising the rollout of CangorooEats by November, and expansion into the Southeast Asian market planned for later this year. Is pogo-stick food delivery a viable service? Yes, if you like your Caesar salads well shaken it most certainly is.

Cangoroo’s secret sauce, however, lies in the company’s ability to hire contractors to collect the hundreds of pogo sticks that end up thrown in trees, gutters, and in the San Francisco Bay each night.

Are investors worried that Cangoroo’s first marketing campaign looks like an IUD? No, says Mikkelsen, because pogo-sharing, in addition to being a carbon-free alternative to automobile transportation, is actually an effective form of birth control.

Godspeed, Cangaroo, may you not pogo too close to the sun.