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Meet the digital nomad who has traveled to all four corners of his apartment

It’s been six months since Garrett Wilson Slacked his boss an “I quit” GIF and set out to pursue his dream of traveling to every corner of his 816-square-foot Mission District apartment.

“I woke up one day and realized something: I did not want to trade the wonders of Earth, and more specifically the marvels of my 3rd-story, rent-controlled apartment, for a cubicle prison,” Wilson told TechLoaf via Skype on Tuesday.

Wilson says his travels over the past six months have taken him to places he could have never imagined.

“I’ll never forget the trip I took to the bottom shelf of the pantry,” said Wilson, who reportedly had to strap on a headlamp as he fumbled around a remote crevice beneath piles of Chef-Boy-R-Dee cans. “I hope to return one day. Rumor has it there’s a vast Bugles deposit somewhere in there.”

Wilson dreams of one day seeing the bay windows in the den or perhaps even witnessing the majesty of the guest bathroom, which he has only ever seen on his apartment’s Zillow listing.

“I might even take a selfie,” he joked.

Wilson says that he is living his dream, which apparently includes re-using weeks-old Keurig cups and posting his travel diary to an Instagram account with 16 followers.

“Some people say it’s a small world,” Wilson grinned. “But they’ve clearly never climbed through their apartment’s HVAC system.”