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Product manager dead after ‘taking a step back’ off cliff

‘Patrick Coraban died as he lived, taking a step back’

It’s said not all heroes wear capes, and some also don’t wear parachutes.

We remember today the life of Patrick Coraban, 34, a product manager who went all the way back to school to earn an MBA to become a product manager. He was taken from us far too soon, much like how his engineers closed tickets and gave status updates far too soon just to get him off their butts for a few minutes.

Dear Patrick set a strategy and vision for not falling off a cliff, but was unable to actually not fall off the cliff himself. Perhaps the requirements of not falling off the cliff were loosely-defined. Regardless, it was a poor user experience.

He is survived by a Kanban board.

Patrick’s remains have been shipped and he will be released for general availability in a Celebration of Journey Map Completion at the Sinclair Memorial Home in Burlingame at 11 am on Saturday, June 30th.  In lieu of flowers, his family requests the total addressable market of stakeholders deliver minimum viable donations to the American Cliff and Ravine Awareness Association.