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Solopreneur funds additional day of runway with $14.78 found in couch

Ah, the solopreneur lifestyle. What a treat it is to be captain of thy ship, master of thy domain, the only name on the LLC thou paid $950 to set up through LegalZoom because thou could not figure out how to navigate the state government website.

Yes, maybe this is the week thou launch thy website or go to that networking event full of prospects, or then again maybe it isn’t? Thou is thy boss now! After all, thou hath two months left in thy four months of severance and wait – what is that? Could it be? Why, that is fourteen whole dollars and seventy-three American cents lying right there betwixt the couch cushionry – wait, actually there’s another nickel there, so it’s $14.78.

Thy Gods smile down upon thee! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Why $14.78 is enough for a tall boy and a three-rack of Pringles – nourishment to get thee through a long week of using Fiverr to negotiate revisions of thy third attempt at a logo. Thou may have enough sustenance yet to cancel all the extra crap GoDaddy threw in whenst thou signed up for web hosting for that personal branded website thou hath claimed thy is making!

Praise thy heavens – a blessing from above no doubt caused by the lamb sacrificed for the takeout curry vindaloo that rests upon thy coffee table for the past fortnight! Though the flies may be collecting, so too is thine confidence!