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Striking Amazon workers leave list of demands unattended

Another Prime Day has come and gone, as consumers scratch their heads why they ordered this many herb gardens and airplane pillows at slightly discounted rates.

But everything wasn’t all knock-off Ray Bans and quilt sets this year, no, from Minnesota to Germany, Amazon workers took to the streets to protest unfair working environments of the shipping conglomerate. And to prove they meant business, they shoved their demands right where Bezos could really feel them, unattended on his front porch.

“It was finally time we stepped up and made a comprehensive document of why we’re tired of being treated like robots,” head of warehouse floor operations Mike Owens stated. “Even after the first few lists were stolen right off his doorstep, we’re confident this is the list that finally sticks.”

Among the list of demands are an ultimatum to do away with hazardous working conditions as well as a bevy of other demands that we’re smudged because a front lawn sprinkler made it run.

Leaving packages unattended…


Soggy from Sprinklers

Make real demands

Final punchline…was sent to old address